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Mygreen Solar Flat Plate Dry
·Using free solar radiant energy, high absorption rate, high conversion rate;
· no radiation, no leakage, safe and reliable;
·Installation is simple, low operating cost, baking products lover, high quality;
·Don't need storage system, the cost is low, the physical products, very little maintenance;
·Can be used with other drying equipment, maximum limit save conventional energy sources.
Solar Flat Plate Dry
5 Type Surface treatment
Black anode   Black chrome   Blue Tec  
Black anode   Black chrome   Blue Tec  
Type Blue Tec Black chrome Black anode
Dimension(LxWxH)(mm) 2000×1000×80 2000×1000×80 2000×1000×80
Gross area (m2) 2.0 2.0 2.0
Efficiency area(m2) 1.85 1.85 1.85
Gross weight of collector(kg) 23 23 23
Recommended circulation flow Air
Transparent cover
Cover material Low-iron patterned Tempered glass Transmission:>92%
Cover thickness(mm) 3.2mm
Absoreber base Material Copper sheet Copper sheet Aluminium sheet
Surface treatment BlueTec coating Black chrome Black anode
absorption ≥97% ≥97% ≥95%
Emissivity ≤5% ≤8% ≤15%
Fill capacity 1.6L Including Header Pipes
Thermal insulation 
Insulation material 40K rock wool insulation(back)
40K Glass wool (side)
24K glass wool insulation(back)
40k glass wool(side)
Insulation thickness 40mm(back)/25mm side 30mm (back)/25mm side
Frame Aluminium
Frame Color Brown or Sliver
Back Plate 0.5mm Aluminium sheet
Glass sealing material EPDM

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